Real Estate Development Services

Due Diligence Review

One of the most critical activities to achieve successful real estate development involves thorough due diligence. This process can identify critical issues early in the transaction/development review. It requires an objective and dispassionate evaluation.

  • Confirm Market Conditions and Potential for Development
  • Obtain & Review Environmental Reports and Title Matters
  • Determine Utility Service Options
  • Review Current and Potential Zoning Conditions
  • Determine Options for Profitable Development

Site due diligence services provided by 52 Real Estate involves thorough research of potential sites for our clients during the inspection period of the site purchase contract. This typically involves exploration of the following major categories.

  • Code and permitting research.
  • Coordination of the work of specialty consultants (i.e. surveyors and geotechnical engineers).
  • Design options.
  • Coordination with the property seller including their design professionals, if applicable (i.e. retail developers) and coordination with our client’s legal council on matters pertaining to contractual obligations.

Permitting Implications

  • Site Regulatory Conditions
  • Planning Issues (i.e. access)
  • Zoning and Land Use
  • Floor Area Ratio Limits
  • Structure Height Limits
  • Setback Requirements
  • Allowable Uses
  • Concurrency Management – Development Impact Fees
  • Vested Rights Determination
  • Architectural Requirements

Site Permitting Process

  • Local Site Plan Review and Approval
  • State and Federal Permitting
  • Local Utility Review and Approval

Building Permit Process

  • Identify Local Requirements
  • Identify Permitting Procedures

Coordination of Specialty Consultants Scope

  • Surveyor
  • Establish Owner’s Survey Requirements
  • Issue Survey Bid Package for Competitive Bid or Negotiated Contract
  • Make Recommendations to Owner

Geotechnical Engineer

  • Establish Geotechnical Investigation Requirements
  • Issue Geotechnical Bid Package with Standard Requirements and a Soil Boring
  • Plan (Civil and Structural)
  • Make Recommendations to Owner
  • Evaluate and Summarize Results

Exploration of design options

  • Schematic Site Planning
  • Access options (Ingress / Egress from Site)
  • Stormwater Management System Options and Location
  • Building Location
  • Parking and Vehicle use area Layout

Coordination With Property Seller

  • Site Plan Approval
  • Placement and Circulation
  • Shared Parking Approval (cross access)
  • Architectural Approval
  • Style, Materials, Colors, Heights
  • Landscape and Irrigation Approval
  • Plant Materials and Irrigation system coordination
  • Storm water Management and Utility Approval
  • Integration with Master Plan

Coordination With Client’s Legal Council

  • Inspection Period
  • Deliverables
  • Title Policy Review
  • Easement Review
  • Covenants and Restrictions
  • Assist with Review of Contract Prior to Execution
  • Assist with Exhibits to Contract Prior to Execution